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Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za
Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za

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Coaching and Mentoring is an integral part of the corporate world today.  Our approach is to create collaborative, reflective and goal-focused relationships to achieve professional outcomes that are valued by the coachee.

The intent of coaching is to improve an employees’ interpersonal skills and ultimately his or her workplace performance. It is more issue-focused and occurs in a wide range of contexts, including face-to-face sessions, Skype or telephonic meetings and via email. The coaching is flexible to accommodate individual needs, organisational demands and fluctuations whilst being mindful of the impact of it on the coachee and organisation.Coaching - Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za


With over 20 years’ experience in South Africa, we specialise in permanent, contract and flexible solutions at all levels from board executives to operational, individual and group appointments.

  • Recruitment is just part of the complex Human Capital management process which is not fully understood by most employers.
  • Our fully integrated approach ensures that only the best possible candidate is appointed.
  • A properly structured and managed onboarding process and development plan maximizes retention and sustainable performance.
  • Every recruitment appointment is handled with confidentiality


Team Building - Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.zaOver the past 15 years we have worked with many teams across South Africa. We are geared to conceptualise, design and facilitate customised workshops in any area of your business, with core focus on the following areas:

  • Team Optimisation
  • Strategic Facilitation
  • Group Coaching

Future Coaching and Skills Solutions have existing workshops that can be modified and customised to suit organisational needs. Some of the titles are:


  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Recruitment for Line Managers
  • Competency Based Interviewing
  • Effective Onboarding ProgramTraining - Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za
  • Performance Management
  • Designer Selling Approach
  • Values
  • Understanding Behaviour


All our training is geared to ensure solid foundations for tomorrow.  Core focus is Leadership development with some of the modules as follow:

  • Leader as Coach
  • Effective Conflict Management
  • Teamleader Bootcamp
  • Time and Action Management
  • Effective Selling Behaviour
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading with Style
  • Pro-active Problem Solving
    Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za
    Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za


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Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za
Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za
Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za

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