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Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za
Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za

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“Find your passion and you will never work a day in your life”

That’s why no one in the Senger family works. Passion is what led us to where we are today….passion to help others, passion to create a better tomorrow. 

Our focus is on coaching and development, the playing fields just differ, Manny prefers a sport field and Theresa prefers the boardroom. 

However, over the years we have discovered that whether we are on the sports field or the boardroom, the challenges are always the same.  We have both used core ingredients, which we believe is the glue to our own relationship and secret to raising our children, in our dealings across clients, individual players and teams.

  • Live your Values
  • Knowledge of strength and development areas
  • Firstly we understand to be understood
  • People we deal with always come first

As our kids became young adults and being raised in a home where thinking always took place in a non conventional way, it was no surprise to us that the entrepreneurial bug bit them as well.

Rayner started coaching in 2011 under the watchful eye of Manny and is now responsible for organizing and planning coaching sessions. He has also started a FUTURE clothing line and does apparel manufacturing on request. 

Tess is the latest family member who has joined the business, adding an existing new venture to our offerings. She completed her Travel and Tourism studies and will focus on the Sport Industry with the current network we have established over the past 15 years.

Hence the phrase #teamFUTURE consolidates our sole objective – PREPARING THE FUTURE FOR TOMORROW !!!!


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Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za
Team Future - http://teamfuture.co.za

just a different playing field